EDI (Equity, Diversity & Inclusivity)


Adventure is committed to dismantling structures that prevent all people from learning and loving theatre.

Diversity Statement

Adventure Theatre MTC celebrates the glorious richness of our world by cultivating Equity, Diversity, and Inclusivity as they inspire the creativity that nurtures great art, artists, and audiences.

Adventure Theatre is—and always has been—here to serve the community. One of the beautiful things about Montgomery County is its diversity. and the fact that it is made up mostly of people of color.

We are striving to grow in equity, diversity, and inclusivity to better represent the people of this diverse region. Over the past decade, Adventure Theatre practiced casting artists of diverse backgrounds or, as the industry calls it, color-conscious casting, where all roles are open to all actors.

Adventure recently expanded its efforts for the professional stage by committing to hire a minimum of 50% of all artists to be people of color. This will be reflected in the designs and in the actors who represent our diverse community. 

Adventure Theatre MTC also has the Assistant Director Fellowship to support early-career theatre professionals who are people of color and nurture their development. ATMTC hires 5 Fellows to participate in a year-long part-time program. Each Fellow Assistant Direct’s a Professional Production at Adventure Theatre and becomes a part of the ATMTC family. The goal of the program is to help each fellow grow as an artist and support their career development by integrating them into the greater DC theatre community.

Adventure Theatre MTC Academy encourages diverse hiring practices, creating an environment that is welcoming for students of all backgrounds. Additionally, it has long offered scholarship programs that ensure educational access and the reduction of the cost of musical theatre training for people of color who happen to need financial assistance.

As the opportunity presents itself, ATMTC uses Consensus Organizing to broaden community involvement in its professional productions. One such production was 2019’s Huckleberry Finn’s Big River. Because of the community’s involvement in all aspects of the production, our perspective on this piece completely changed and the production was embraced and celebrated by the community at large. Adventure will continue to replicate this process through other world premiere works in the coming seasons.

We hope to see you soon at Adventure Theatre MTC, and we hope these changes have a lasting effect on your family’s appreciation for the great work we do here.