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Elementary Classes


Looking for a wonderful introduction for students interested in musical theatre performance? Adventure Theatre Academy elementary classes are designed to meet and grow your child’s talents with individualized focus with kids in their grade level: Beyond the Page (K1); Adventure in Theater (23); and Acting Up (45).

Spring semester is 10 weeks and will be facilitated online beginning February 15, 2021.

Beyond the Page (Grades K1)

Students will join a teaching artist in exploring a new story each class (or series of classes). They will do warm-up activities, read the story, and act it out as a class. Classes will also incorporate music and movement as possible.

Class cost: $300

Adventures in Theatre (Grades 23)

Students will develop their ability to build character and tell stories through text, music, and movement. They will play theatre games and learn to collaborate through an online platform. Students will understand basic theatre terminology and will work together creating a story to perform for family and friends.

Class cost: $300

Acting Up (Grades 45)

Journey with ATMTC through the process of acting: a professional teaching artist will guide participants using creative drama techniques with a focus on improvisation and characterization as well as storytelling through scripted or unscripted work.

Class cost: $370