All Academy Choir

All Academy Choir

ATMTC’s virtual Stream-a-thon is growing closer and we are preparing for our first All Academy virtual choir performance on February 28, 2021.

If you are interested in performing in our virtual choir, the following contains all the information you will need to practice your given vocal parts, and information on how to record and submit your videos.

Voice sections

While the beginning of the song is in unison, the ending section of the song will be split into two sections: a soprano/tenor melody, and an alto/lower voice harmony. So that we can have an even number of students singing each part, the vocal splits will be as follows:

  • Pre-Conservatory students and younger students: Soprano/Tenor Melody
  • Conservatory students: Alto/Lower Harmony
  • Pre-Professional students or private voice lessons: speak with your teacher so that you can be assigned a selection that fits with your voice type 

Rehearsal Materials

Everything you need to participate is available on Dropbox

  • The sheet music for the full song
  • The full song audio that you will use to record with which includes the guided rehearsal track
  • The rehearsal track audio file for the specific vocal sections at the end of the song for students to practice with at home

Students singing the soprano/tenor melody, please download the sheet music, rehearsal audio, and full performance audio titled SOPRANO/TENOR VOICES.

Students singing the alto/lower harmony, please download the sheet music, rehearsal audio, and full performance audio titled ALTO/LOWER VOICES

Video Submission

The deadline for all students to submit their video recordings will be no later than February 5, 2021. Please upload your file(s) to this folder.

Recording guidelines:

  • Record your video in landscape orientation
  • Play your accompaniment track from a device that is separate from the device you use to record
  • Wear headphones or earbuds so that the recording is only you singing, not the accompaniment

Questions? Contact Ms. Dannielle at for more information.