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New and Exciting Changes Tailored for Your Family

with Margo Brenner Collins, Education Director Exciting shifts are coming to the ATMTC Academy’s Programs!  In aiming to provide students with the best training and preparation possible, ATMTC has focused its Secondary curriculum on the core foundations that will prepare students for a career, college, or wherever life takes them. This includes focusing on the […]

Women in the Director’s Seat

Meet the Directors of the 2019–2020 Season Adventure Theatre MTC has a long history with women. In 1951, Adventure Theatre was founded by women who were trying to provide a theatrical experience to their children. Its legacy was continued by women, such names as Fran Abrams, Helen Avery, Elizabeth Goodwin, Joan Hollander, Mary Lou Semans, […]

Meet the New Artistic Director

Interview with Chil Kong, Artistic Director 1) How did you first hear about Adventure Theatre MTC? I met Michael Bobbitt back in the late 2000’s when we sat on a NEA review panel together. We have been friends ever since and I followed his amazing work and the transformative theatre culture he was creating at […]