Storytime at Adventure

The New Girl

Jewish Culture and Stories
With Faygie Holt
Hosted by Robyn Shrater Seemann
September 27, 2020

As the new girl at Bais Naomi, Hili Rosen hopes for a fresh start. She meets the fun-loving Green twins, Tova and Shulamis, and things are looking up — but not for long. The rest of the class isn’t friendly at all! Did Hili make a huge mistake by switching schools?

Ruthie Somerfield is the undisputed queen of class 4B. The girls all put up with her bossy ways until one day, she makes a mean comment that goes way too far. Things go from bad to worse as the class splits up and girls start choosing sides. Will Hili’s dream of a school where everyone gets along, ever come true?

Tune in!

Meet the Author

Faygie Holt

Faygie Holt is an award-winning journalist, whose news and feature stories have been published worldwide and translated into several different languages. Among her awards is a Simon Rockower Award for Outstanding Feature Writing from the American Jewish Press Association. Faygie dreamed of becoming an author, even before she knew for certain what an author does. She tried writing in a number of different genre but was not able to break into publishing. One day, while working as a fourth-grade teacher, she sat down and wrote the first scene in the book that eventually became The New Girl, her first published book and the first in her Achdus Club series. She’s been hooked on writing Middle Grade novels since then.

Faygie’s books focus on the power of friendship, discovering your inner strength and tackle real-world challenges including bullying, economic hardships, learning disabilities and more. The books allow Orthodox Jewish girls to see themselves reflected in the book, while giving other kids a glimpse into their lives.

Faygie is a member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators and a committee member at the American Jewish Press Association. She can be found online at

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