Storytime at Adventure

the paper kingdom

Celebrating Asian Pacific American Heritage
With Helena Ku Rhee
May 17, 2020

An office at night is reimagined as a fantastical kingdom of paper complete with friendly dragons!

When the babysitter is unable to come, Daniel is woken out of bed and joins his parents as they head downtown for their jobs as nighttime office cleaners. But the story is about more than brooms, mops, and vacuums. Mama and Papa turn the deserted office building into a magnificent kingdom filled with paper. Then they weave a fantasy of dragons and kings to further engage their reluctant companion–and even encourage him to one day be the king of a paper kingdom.

The Paper Kingdom expresses the joy and spirit of a loving family who turn a routine and ordinary experience into something much grander.

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Meet the Author

Helena Ku Rhee

Helena Ku Rhee writes books for children and the young at heart. Her writing can also be found in publications such as The Los Angeles Times, The New York Times and Salon. Helena grew up in Los Angeles, and moved across the country and around the world in her late teens and twenties. She eventually landed back in the City of Angels and loves it more than she ever thought she would.

As a college student at Yale, she majored in English, and then attended U.C. Berkeley for law school. Afterwards, she worked at a firm in San Francisco with scary-brilliant people, but quickly realized she wanted to work in a creative industry where she could befriend a goofball or two.

And that’s how she landed back in her hometown, to work in the movie industry and to live closer to family. Working for a storytelling organization has been the perfect alignment of her creative interests with her professional training. During her first few years back in L.A., Helena attended U.S.C. as a part-time evening student and received her MFA in creative writing through a joint program between U.S.C. and the Vermont College of Fine Arts.

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