Check here for updates about our developing Stream-A-Thon program!

Our 30-hours of streaming will feature both local and international talent as well as stars from our Sunday digital productions and our own ATMTC Academy students. 

Familiar faces

We’ve invited back some favorite featured guests from our Sunday digital presentations from popular segments like Storytime, Broadway and Beyond, and debut productions. Check out who’s coming back!

ATMTC Academy

Stream-A-Thon will feature special performances from the All Academy Choir and Pre-Professional program.

Want to be a part of the fun?

Whether you’ve been a guest at our theatre or a student at our Academy, we want to feature all of our ATMTC family and friends, past and present! Send us videos or pictures highlighting your favorite moments at ATMTC to be featured during the Stream-A-Thon. We also welcome anyone who’s interested in showing off their special skills (sing, dance, act, magic, anything!) during the event. For more information about how to get involved, contact Craig at