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Take Action to Combat Hatred and Violence

We are once again faced with the fallout of hate in the United States.

The horrifying events in Atlanta on Tuesday night have brought national focus on the more than 3,800 acts this year of reported violence against members of the Asian American Pacific Islander community in our country.

Our prayers and condolences go out to the families who have lost loved ones this week, and over the past year, to senseless acts of hatred. Each loss diminishes us all, and each act against one of us harms all of us. 

We at Adventure Theatre MTC stand together with those calling for an immediate end to hatred and violence directed against Asians and Pacific Islanders. Hateful, ignorant, and harmful rhetoric threatens our safety by encouraging and ratifying actual violence. It, too, must be condemned and given no public space.

It is upsetting that we must state that each individual has the right to safety and dignity, rights that we all must respect and defend. 

The experience of theatre increases empathy, which enables us all to recognize our common humanity. As part of the theatrical community, we treasure our role in increasing empathy in the world. 

As ever, words are not enough. We must act to create the world we want for ourselves and our children. 

A few things we all can do:

We thank you for your partnership in standing up to hate.

On behalf of the Adventure Theatre MTC Board and Staff,

Leon Seemann | Executive Director
Leslie Miles | Board Chair