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A World Premiere Play


June 17 – August 28, 2016

Based on the book by Chris Van Allsburg
Adapted by Sandra Eskin & Michael J. Bobbitt

Directed by Serge Seiden
Ages 4 and up

On a dull day, Judy and Peter find a mysterious old board game. One live lion, an erupting volcano, and some destructive monkeys later, the children are plunged into an experience they’ll never forget. Will they ever finish this mysterious magic game and claim Jumanji?!


Note: This show features strobe lights, and wind, water, and rumble effects. It is approximately 60 minutes long and late seating may not be guaranteed. Please plan accordingly.

We encourage parents with young children to use the restrooms prior to entering the theatre and familiarize their children with the plot of the show for the best experience.




Billie Krishawn as Judy, Elan Zafir as the Guide and Ryan Carlo as Peter.


Meet the Cast of Jumanji

Ryan Carlo

Kaylynn Creighton

Alison Daniels

Philip DeCosta

Julia Klavans

Billie Krishawn

Bobby Libby

Jacob Yeh




Elan Zafir





Production Team of Jumanji


Serge Seiden


Sandra Eskin


Michael Bobbitt

Asst. Director

Elena Day

Costume Designer

Robert Croghan

Set Designer

Luciana Stecconi

Projections Designer

Patrick Lord

Lighting Designer

Andrew Griffin

Sound Designer

Kenny Neal

Props Designer

Dre Moore

Stage Manager

Donna Reinhold

Asst. Stage Manager

Emily Hambridge

Scenic Charge

Laura Genson

Costume Renderings by Robert Croghan


Photos by Michael Horan

Jumanji in the Press


DC Metro Theatre Arts

Jumanji is action-packed and is a heart-pumping, visually-stimulating treat for the whole family! Do not miss out on the epic journey.

Beltway Bambinos

This is truly a can’t miss theatre experience.

DC Theatre Scene

It’s a veritable jungle inside Adventure Theatre MTC at Jumanji, with lots of delightful surprises in store for lucky youngsters (and some surprises for their parents, too)!

Culture Spot MC

"Non-stop jump out of your seat suprises for kids of all ages"


"You can always count on Adventure Theatre MTC for wonderous, family-friendly productions and Jumanji is no exception".




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