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On this page, you can find information about Pre Professional Program auditions, Scholarship Auditions, and the Kids Open Call.

Pre-Professional Program Digital Auditions

The Pre-Professional Program is an Annual Program. The Fall semesters begins September 14 and ends December 12; Spring semester, February 1 through May 20.


Rising Grades 6–12


Prior to August 28, 2020 at 11:59pm


1 Monologue Video
1 Video Vocal Audition
2 Video Dance Audition
1 Headshot or recent picture
1 Completed Audition Form


Prepare selections from two contrasting songs; a ballad (slow) and an up-tempo (fast). Select 16-32 measures (about one minute per song) that best demonstrate your vocal ability. It is acceptable to start in the middle of a song if you so choose. Students may use pre-recorded music (karaoke or instrumental only- no other singers on the track), play the piano – or have someone else play- with you singing, or sing without music.

AND learn a 1 minute monologue (1-person speech) from an age-appropriate play or film.

AND learn the choreography from these videos for your Dance Audition:

Video #1

Video #2

How to record your Acting and Vocal Audition Video:

Make sure your face is square in the frame of the video. To start the video, clearly state your name and your two chosen song titles or the name of your monologue (see above). Then go right into your first selection. You may follow your first song by taking a moment to breathe and going right into your second selection.

How to record your Dance Audition Video:

When ready to record your dance audition, double-check that your entire body can be seen in the video (especially your feet!). To start, clearly state your name and go straight into performing. Don’t forget! It’s important to remember the steps, but it’s also important to look like you’re having fun too.

Key Points to Remember for Dance:

  • Pay attention to the details and accents of the choreography
  • Consider the style of movement/energy
  • Be sure to dance on count and/or to the lyrics
  • Remember to breathe through the movement

Join a Student Production

Perform with us! Students have the opportunity to perform in productions that are led by a professional artistic team and take place on our stage in Glen Echo in both the winter and summer.