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Summer Musical Theatre Camp (SMTC) Student Volunteers


Participate in the process of running one of the region’s oldest and best-known theatre summer camps!  Student volunteers assist the professional ATMTC summer camp staff in managing small groups of up to 24 young people in historic Glen Echo Park or at one of our offsite locations, and are responsible for assisting in ensuring a safe, fun, and educational environment. Adventure Theatre MTC is a MCPS SSL Pre-Approved organization and can offer SSL hours to student volunteers.



All ATMTC student volunteers share the same basic expectations:

  • be socially mature
  • be able to take direction
  • be consistent and dependable in work habits and attendance
  • have good communication skills
  • enjoy working with and mentoring elementary aged children
  • Feel comfortable in a collaborative and fast-paced environment

Time Commitment

  • 9:00 am-4:00 pm each camp day (Monday-Friday), for a total of 70 volunteer hours for a 10 day camp session, and 63 hours for a 9 day camp session. SSL Forms should be provided by the student volunteer, and will be signed by the Academy Program Manager following final performances on the final day of your camp session. 

To Apply

  • Submissions for Summer Musical Theatre Camp CITs for 2023 are now open!


Q: What is the history of the SMTC student volunteer program?

A: The student volunteer began with an SMTC camper who had aged out of the camp, but felt such a love for musical theater and working with kids that she wanted to give back by helping the summer staff accomplish the behind-the-scenes work. This former camper brought so much fun and excitement to SMTC as a whole, that a formal program was put in place.

Q: How will I know that you have received my application?

A: As soon as your application has been checked for required documents and logged into our computer system, we will send a confirmation of receipt via e-mail. If your application is incomplete, that will be noted in the e-mail message. Please do not call us.

Q: How does the selection process work?

A: Reading and evaluating applications can take several weeks, sometimes longer during unusually busy periods of activity at the theatre. Applicants will receive notice via email if they have been accepted into the program. Once offers have been accepted, notification will be sent to any students we will not be able to use for the summer. We realize that waiting for official notification of your status can be stressful and we appreciate your patience. If you have not heard from us yet and cannot delay pursuing other options, we certainly understand and encourage you to act accordingly. Please let us know if you do decide to take another offer or if your plans change. Again, please do not call to check on the status of your application.

Q: How competitive is the selection process?

A: ATMTC has a limited number of student volunteer positions to offer, and an increasing number of applicants each year. We strive to make room for as many qualified volunteers as possible, but cannot guarantee that every applicant will be accepted. For that reason alone, we strongly encourage you to make alternative plans in the event that we are not able to offer you a student volunteer position. Returning volunteers are given first priority.  

Q: What if my availability does not match the specified dates and hours on the application?

A: Summer Musical Theatre Camp student volunteers are vital to our day to day camp activities, so as much as possible we need students who are able to commit to a full session of camp and be there for the full day. If your student is interested in volunteering but has conflicts, please make sure to indicate them in your application. Within reason, conflicts will not prevent candidates from being accepted into the program. In rare instances we may be able to accept a volunteer for just 1 week rather than a full session, but that is not always possible.

Q: Where is the camp located?

A: SMTC is located at Adventure Theatre MTC in Historic Glen Echo Park, Glen Echo, MD, as well as at several offsite locations within Montgomery County. Student volunteers can indicate in their application form which locations they are interested in being considered for.