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The Heartcracker Ballet

Written by Margaret Gorman
Directed by Divinia Shorter
February 14, 2021

How do you admit to your friend that you want to go out with them?

Zelda is a lovable 13-year-old dork, wishing she knew how to be honest about her feelings. Therese is a ballet prodigy, wishing she could be brave in her choices. When Zelda receives Therese, ballet dancer extraordinaire, for Secret Santa, her handmade Nutcracker quickly becomes a love letter for her feelings. But when the time comes to exchange presents—and feelings—a mistake puts her Nutcracker at risk.

Therese and Zelda, with the help of their friends, must find a way to save him and give the two a shot at a true Christmas miracle: admitting their feelings. Dancing together on the edge of the truth, Zelda and Therese discover how to be true to themselves, and each other.

Tune in!

Meet the Playwright

Margaret Gorman

Margaret Gorman is a queer playwright and screenwriter from Arlington, Virginia, who graduated from Bryn Mawr College in 2019.  Her work tackles themes of identity, mortality, and bravery, and has been performed by H-B Woodlawn Theater and the Bryn Mawr College Greek Play Troupe. She currently lives in Brooklyn, NY. You can follow Margaret on Twitter @ablative_gorman.

Meet the Director

Divinia Shorter

Divinia Shorter is a writer, director, and freelance dramaturg born and based in the DMV. Divinia currently works as the Literary & Artistic Associate at Adventure Theatre MTC and is the co-founder of Greatest City Collective, a non-profit organization focused on uplifting artists and the social causes they care about. A writer of many forms, she is currently working on a collection of sestinas, a novel, and a full-length play. Dramaturgy credits include: Kennedy Center NNPN MFA Playwrights’ Workshop, Bay Area Playwrights Festival, DMV Q-Fests, Quarantined Theatre Company, and Towson University. Her dramaturgical analysis article “Run Me My Language” is available online.

Meet the Cast

KT Aylesworth as Zelda

Tsaitami Duchicela as Therese

Khoa Nguyen as Aiden

mani yangilmau as the Truck Driver

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