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Meet the New Artistic Director

Interview with Chil Kong, Artistic Director

1) How did you first hear about Adventure Theatre MTC?

I met Michael Bobbitt back in the late 2000’s when we sat on a NEA review panel together. We have been friends ever since and I followed his amazing work and the transformative theatre culture he was creating at

Adventure Theatre.

2) What do you love about Theatre for Young Audiences?

We’ve been taking my son to Broadway shows since he was 4 years old and I found myself watching my son’s reactions more often than watching the shows. Watching kids experience theater, for the first time, watching the child in all of us, experience the joy of a live performance, and helping that “child” in all of us celebrate the rich tapestry of the world around them… there is incredible power in that.

3) Why do you think kids training theatre is so important?

It’s about providing skills to help each child find their own unique voice. Research has proven that kids who take theater have more confidence, are better public speakers, and have more fulfilling relationships. Why wouldn’t we want every kid to have theater training?

4) What is your first memory of seeing a show?

The first show I ever saw was the 3rd or 4th national tour of Les Miserables. It was transformative. I was at once “one” with the audience and the characters, I was communing with the audience while experiencing the life of a character before us. It was the first time I felt like a part of something bigger than myself.

5) How do you see Adventure as being viewed in the TYA industry? The theatre industry as a whole?

Michael has done a remarkable job of bringing national recognition to Adventure Theatre. It is telling when new works premiere out of our theatre, they have a life of their own that spans the country and sometimes the world. I hope to continue and build upon that remarkable track record.

6) What is your favorite aspect of Adventure Theatre thus far?

The incredible committed community. The staff, board of directors, funders, and artists, they all love what they do. You can feel it every time you walk into the building and in every performance.

7) What does the future of the ATMTC stage look like?

I want to reflect the community. So, I am excited to spend time with the people of the DMV, find out what are their thoughts on the future of ATMTC. We are part of one of the largest theater communities outside of New York, I am looking forward to seeing the future we find together.

Chil Kong photo by Erin Quill.